What is digitalprnews?

digitalprnews.com is a do-it-yourself publishing platform for real time press release distribution. It’s free and you can instantly have your press release published on digitalprnews.com.

Do I have to pay something?

No. digitalprnews is completely free of charge.

What can be published on digitalprnews?

As the concept implies by itself only press releases can be published on digitalprnews. Anything found not to be a press/news release, regardless its formatting,  may not be allowed to be published on digitalprnews.

Any content restrictions in place?

Yes. We are very sensitive towards, among others, adult, gambling, pharmacy, MLM, etc. related content and press releases. Those identified as one of the above may quickly be deleted from digitalprnewswithout prior notice. In addition, generally inappropriate, irrelevant, offensive and unrelated content may also not be permitted for publishing on digitalprnews. Repetitively abusing the system may also result in having your account with digitalprnews closed without prior notice. If you are not sure whether your press release is OK for releasing via digitalprnews, the easiest way for you to figure it out is to have it submitted over to digitalprnews. If your PR is allowable, it will go live the moment it is approved by the editor, in case you are not trusted PR publisher. If it is your first time here trying to take your first PR online, or if your PR is not allowable being a trusted PR publisher, we will then dismiss your press release and you will know that from inside the dashboard.

Press release formatting and guidelines?

Lets start off with the very basics about what does your press release need to have in order to be classified as a press/news release.

  • Headline / title — try to keep your headline as short as possible. Make sure your PR headline is appealing enough to entice readers. Avoid using ALL CAPITAL letters in your headline;
  • Dateline — Your press release dateline should include the city and state or province for news being issued from within the United States or Canada. For news being issued from other countries, your press release dateline should include the city and country. The city should be displayed in all caps, while the state, province or country should have an initial capital letter only;
  • Release time — the PR release time is recommended to be in Eastern Standard Time (EST). This is set to be assigned automatically by LPRL , so you don’t have to bother with this;
  • Body — here is where your press release text goes in;
  • Hyper-links — while important for SEO purposes, make sure the number of your in-text hyper-links is kept as minimal as possible (3-5 per standard press release) for better overall results;
  • Images — try keep the number of photos/images embedded in your press release to a reasonable number for better readiness;
  • Logo — ake sure your logo appears at the beginning of your press release as well as it is sized reasonably;
  • Video — you are free to embed videos in your press release as well, but make sure it is well placed within your press release text and is viewable online;
  • Hype — avoid hype. Just present and support the facts.
  • Ending — Ending your press release with “# # #”, centered, is also considered an integrated thing of properly formatted press release, but is not mandatory;
  • First words — always keep in mind that the first words are the most important, so make them count;
  • Categorizing — Appropriately categorizing your press release is not only mandatory, but is vital for how well your press release is findable online. You are free to choose as many categories for your press release as you think is appropriate for your particular press release, yet keep the number reasonably low for better overall results;
  • Tagging — you are free to use as many tags as you want to associate your press release with, but please bear in mind that your tags must be relevant to your press release;
  • Comments — it’s up to you to decide on whether you are going to allow visitors to comment on your press release or not. Each different press release can have its comments ON or OFF, which you can set yourself at the time of publishing;
  • Author name — since your press release’s author name is vital and is actually your user name under which you have registered yourself with digitalprnews, it is strongly recommend for you to use a real name or a real company name for your user name when registering with digitalprnews.  While this requirement is not mandatory, it is, again, strongly recommended, if you want your press releases to be considered serious enough. At the very least, try to avoid using celebrity names, unless it is your “real you”, offensive words as well as generally nonsense user names.
  • Contact information — the contact details are very important for a press release, so make sure your have put yours properly at the end of your press release. The contact details exampled below are considered enough to suffice. At the very least a web site or an email address should be provided instead.

Contact Name,

Director of Public Relations

Office: 555.555.1234

Mobile: 333.555.7777

E-mail: yourname@yourwebsite.com

Basic and general information on how to properly write and format your press release can be found on the following places:

Why should I register with digitalprnews?

Well, if it depends on us digitalprnews is better off registration free. Yet there are way too many features involved into the digitalprnews  do-it-yourself press releases distribution that cannot be used unless registered. So, we’ve tried to make the registration process as fast and easy as possible while your privacy, needless to say, is more than guaranteed.

Why my press release does not seem to have gone online in digitalprnews?

In order for your press release to be published instantly online you have to be a trusted PR publisher.  To become a trusted PR publisher, your account with digitalprnews needs to be kept in good standing. Keeping your account in good standing means, among others, your press releases are well formatted and properly written in the form and style of a press release, typo, grammar and HTML errors free, and you need to have at least 1 (one) good press release previously approved. Once you’ve become a trusted PR publisher, you can then have your next press releases published yourself on LPRL instantly.

To improve your chances of having your press release approved, you need to make sure our editors won’t end up spending time fixing it out.  Should our editors end up improving your press release it is no longer considered free press release distribution, so, if, while quickly previewing it, our editors end up seeing improperly formatted (fonts, paragraphs, images, styles) press release with typo, grammar or HTML errors, it is highly likely for your press release to remain inside our pipeline unapproved until it is fixed out or be permanently deleted, if no corrective actions are taken in timely manner by its submitter/author.

Both Live PR and do-it-yourself publishing are under no doubt really great things of today’s Web, but their potential can truly be unleashed, if only combined with great level of self responsibility. And while we do truly believe in and rely on self-driven ethical and responsible usage of digitalprnews.com by our registered PR publishers, we’ve also implemented different level of rights in the publishing process based on trustworthiness in order for us to be able to maintain quality and spam-free press releases real time stream. Simply put, everybody who is in the market to distribute a press release online is welcome to register with digitalprnews. It’s free and takes just a few seconds. Once registered, you can then freely craft out, embed video, include logo, images, hyper-links, you can also edit your press release as many times as you need and once you’re done submit your press release for approval by one of our PR editors. Once approved, your press release goes live immediately.

How fast will my first PR go live, if I am not a trusted PR publisher?

Well, it depends on the current workload, but what we are trying to do is to make sure new comers get their PRs online as fast as we can. Generally, within 24 hours upon submission for review you should be able to see your press release live online. The best way to experience the real benefits of using digitalprnews is to become a trusted PR publisher. You just need to keep your account in good standing and have at least one good press release approved and then you can have your next press releases online almost instantly.

Duplicate press releases

Publishing the same or slightly modified press releases, one after another, aside being not tolerable practice, is surely not beneficial for you and your company either, so please refrain yourself from publishing duplicate press releases. Press releases found to be the same or identical may also be taken permanently down from digitalprnews. Repetitively abusing the system may also result in having your account with digitalprnews closed without prior notice.  Thank you for using digitalprnews responsibly – it’s surely beneficial for you too.

Copying and pasting

When you have your press release ready made and you need to just copy it over and paste it into the online form it is always best for you to do that in HTML (click on the tab HTML) mode for better layout and formatting results. In other words try not to paste into the form when you are in visual mode, because you may happen to insert your press release’s content together with formatting carried over from your original document that may not be supported by digitalprnews’s publishing platform and may not work properly resulting in your press release scrambled online.

How can I access, update or delete my acct. and press releases?

By logging into your account with digitalprnews, you will be able to freely update, modify, amend or delete both your account information as well as any press release you happened to publish in the past on digitalprnews. Should you also need to close your account with digitalprnews, for one reason or another, you can also do so from inside your dashboard. Notice: keep in mind that should you happened to close your account with digitalprnews, any press releases you have published in the past under this account may also be taken permanently down from digitalprnews.

404 not found publishing error

We’ve been working with WP blogs for over 4 years and this error, we must tell, is one of the few WP errors that there still seems to have no one-size-fits-all working solution for. We’ve taken every step we were aware of to make sure the posting goes as seamlessly as it is supposed to be, but should you encounter this problem yourself while trying to publish your press release, here are a couple of articles that go into great details about the possible workarounds and may be of help to you too. This one we believe is best to start off with and here is the second one for those of you who feel professional enough about WP based blogging systems.

Characters/words/phrases found so far to be causing problems when trying to publish and resulting in 404 not found error are as follows:

  • from
  • coll
  • set

Let us know please in the comments below about any other words that may also be identified as ones causing the same problem

What should I do?

If you happen to stumble upon that problem, the easiest workaround solution is to locate those words inside your press release’s content and change them in the following way: from to f r o m. In most of the cases this solution is found to be working things out. Another thing to bear in mind: before you hit Publish, always select your entire post and hit Ctrl-C (Command-C on Mac) just in case. That way you’ll have your work saved if things go awry.